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 Tổng đài: 1900 6893             32 Thái Hà: 0886 032 032            16 Trường Chinh: 0906 655 655

ROM MIUI7.22 stable version

10:04 01/04/2016 -  Rom cho máy Xiaomi


Thông tin:

  • Double-click the new HOME lock screen, supports switching back to the default
  • New IOS animation, supports switching back to the default
  • Advanced Settings whole minor adjustments, easier to use
  • Adjust the switching time is effective immediately
  • New program Hide
  • Double-click the default lock screen HOME
  • conventional
  • Technology limited, simple production, do not brush brush random
  • deodex
  • re Manager latest version. Please data / app delete the appropriate folder
  • Removal guess you like: Advanced Settings - additional functions -APP related reply millet store, you can close guess you like it
  • Viper Audio Update! Boot that is used
  • Desktop Weather Lunar
  • Adjustment icons neatly arranged
  • The default increase immersion module, you need to activate the card brush package: 



Password: rcq8

Thông tin khác:

  • cpu set new performance mode, supports boot from Kai! Unauthorized use is prohibited steal, otherwise bestowed!
  • Three options to switch the status bar
  • Millet suspension ball
  • Go Cami
  • Go minimalist
  • To upgrade
  • SuperSU
  • Third-party programs to lift restrictions on the sd card writing
  • Default 1183000MHz
  • Theme free use
  • re Manager
  • Link down : http://pan.baidu.com/s/1kVesS8f . Pass : ACB2
  • Link down : https://yunpan.cn/cqwLH7bKb3WXz . Pass : 9197


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